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  2. I have been reading up on the Spiritualism craze during/after WWI

    and of course this means my dormant O’Lang feelings are surging to the fore once again oh god help too many fandoms

    My only desire is to have a spin-off series where O’Brien and Lang team up to expose bogus mediums (that is to say, all of the mediums) in post-war England; Lang because he has such moral outrage at people taking advantage of the grieving masses and then calling it a religion, O’Brien because she enjoys out-thinking and then humiliating others in a public environment.

    Like it wouldn’t have to be O’Lang, even! They’d just be two disillusioned atheists trying to tear down the sentimental cult that’s costing their community a pretty penny. Granted, if Sarah had less dignity/soul she would probably consider going into business as a medium because it would be easy as hell- most people want to be fooled if they think they’ll get to tell their Tommy goodbye, and she could probably do spirit manifestations in a dark room in her sleep.

    OH GOD THOUGH I will literally have to write a piece where Lang discovers that his boyhood hero Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is not only a Spiritualist, but is spearheading a series of lectures on the validity of the psychics/mediums out there.

    like he’s sprawled out on the floor clutching his head and groaning in secondhand humiliation/shame, and Sarah keeps casually reading aloud from a newspaper article about Doyle’s ghost-channeling exploits or, god forbid, the Cottingley Fairies incident and with every word he just lets out another agonized groan

    and Sarah never lets him forget that Doyle is a Spiritualist

    not ever

    even though she’s really really fond of him and is banging him

    but in all seriousness I find the revival of Spiritualism during/after WWI to be fascinating and I’d love to explore how my interpretations of the characters would react and interact with the movement’s followers. Sarah would be mildly amused, and would call the whole thing stupid, but Andrew would be fucking livid, because it isn’t just a predatory manipulation of widows or childless parents or orphans or survivors, but because it’s a slap in the face to all who have died, and all the practitioners are either too stupid or too greedy to step back and think.

  3. My sexuality is Sarah O’Brien saying ‘button box’ and then sweeping away with a smirk

    but also having reluctant protective feelings for others

    also angst

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  4. My unholy lust for O’B/SF’s neck is creeping back

    ha I say “back”

    as though it had ever gone away

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    Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
    "She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

    I would love to know what this means.

    I think that might be code for “punched him in the balls with devastating accuracy”.

    I think the sport of boxing was (is?) often referred to as a science! In the older sense of ‘something that requires expert knowledge’. So if she thrashed him in scientific fashion, it implies that she had some expert knowledge of how to punch people, possibly learned from someone with some formal training!

    NOTED FOR HER ATHLETIC POWERS is probably the coolest thing to be noted for tbh

    are you quite sure you’ve never traveled in time
    don’t give away all my secrets

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  6. I just remembered WHY I started avoiding listening to songs about Norse Mythology and Valhalla

    I am so SICK of all these motherfucking Nazis on this motherfucking plane.









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    Newly obtained surveillance video shows the violent encounter between a 17-year-old girl and Clairton police officers that left the teenager in the hospital.

    A 17-year-old girl claims she was beaten by police in Clairton after she and her friends were stopped for a curfew violation Tuesday night.

    Merceedez Wright admits she and her friends were out a few minutes after the city’s 10 p.m. curfew, and that she both ran from officers and resisted them after being tackled, but she doesn’t believe she deserves the injuries she suffered.

    Wright is now recovering in the hospital with injuries to her trachea, esophagus and neck, plus several cuts and bruises.

    "She’s a cheerleader, she’s a lifeguard at the Clairton pool, she was just on prom court," said Wright’s mother, Audelia Amoah. "She’s a good kid."

    Even so, Wright admits she ran from officers.

    "I was scared because of how he got out of the car. He didn’t just walk out, he jumped out of the car and started chasing me, so my first instinct was to run," she said.

    Wright also said she did resist officers once she was knocked to the ground. She said she was trying to get her arms free to protect herself.

    Clairton police did not respond to requests for comment.

    Read more: http://www.wtae.com/news/teenage-girl-says-police-beat-her-after-curfew-violation/26992088#ixzz388DHjtCm

    You think this is sickening? Me too

    551 Ravensburg Blvd
    Clairton, PA
    (412) 233-8113

    press ‘OPTION 6’ to be connected to the Clairton Police Department.

    Flood their mailbox, flood their inbox!

    Robert Hoffman is the Chief of Police and you can contact them directly here.

    I just wrote in: “Newly obtained surveillance video shows the violent encounter between 17-year-old Merceedez Wright and Clairton police officers that left the teenager in the hospital.

    She admits to being out past 10pm AND to “running” from the cops. When I was her age, I was in the same situation and the altercation did not result in me being tackled, in my head or neck being smashed against pavement, or a hospital bill.

    I was told to call my mother while the officer POLITELY waited there for her to come pick me up. How is CPD training these officers that their first course of action is to pummel a little girl? The officers involved should be reprimanded without compensation.”

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    I have never reblogged something so fast in my life

    it’s exactly what you think it is

    dwarfsmut we’re taking you here.

    wtf XD

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    I want a story about a gay girl disguising herself as a guy to get into an all boy school. When she meets her roommate, he happens to have a banging personality and a very pleasing face. The girl has a sexuality crisis because she starts to fall for the roommate but in reality, the roommate is actually another girl disguised as a guy so that she can attend the school

    #the entire school is just gay girls dressed as guys in hopes of attending the school (via buttergin)

    this is literally a demilitarized version of Monstrous Regiment

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